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About BMM Heaters Limited

BMM Heaters Limited was established by Sean Byrne and Kevin Murray-Myers. We both have a combined experience of thirty years within the Air Heater Manufacturing Industry. We have designed a new range of heater units to fit into existing duct systems or Air Handling Units. We are constantly looking to develop our products, which we manufacture to give our customers more efficient and quality products.

Tailor made heaterWe tailor make our Heater Units both Direct and Indirect Fired to suit the needs of our customers. We can flat pack our heater units so that they can fit through standard doorways and stairways. Please contact us for more information.

We can now supply our customer’s high efficient suspended units and cabinet heaters, which are listed on the Enhanced Capital Allowance register. Information can be found at In short, businesses can write of the capital cost of their investment in these technologies against their taxable profits for the period during which they make the investment.

BMM Heaters offer free site survey’s for energy usage and can advise on energy saving equipment and the setting of the equipment to combat the rising cost of fuel. For example, for every 1ºc above 19ºc can cost 8% more on your fuel bill.

Specialist Air Heater EngineersAll of our engineers specialise in BMM Heaters Air Heaters and are trained to the highest standard on our equipment.

BMM Heaters have exported to countries within the EU and outside the EU please contact us for more information.



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