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Industrial and Commercial Air Heating Systems

HM Range HM Range

The HM Range of heaters are 91% efficient gas fired Warm air heaters and are standard stainless steel heat exchangers. There are various options of control on/off, high/low and full modulating. HM Range specifically designed and is used by Air Handling Units manufacturers. The HM Range can be also installed directly in to supply air duct work.

BMG Range BMG Range

High efficent indirect fired gas and oil warm air heaters which can be duct mounted or built in to air handling units. The BMG range can be tailor made to your needs. Units are available in a very wide range of heat outputs, designed for high efficiency and built to the latest Regulations and Directives.

BMGF Range BMGF Range

Indirect Gas Fired Cabinet Heaters

Unit Heater Unit Heater

Suspended Gas Fired Warm Air Heaters

Direct Fired Range Direct Fired Range

100% Efficient Gas Fired warm Air Heater


Direct Fired warm air heaters for the catering industry. These heaters are design for make up air to compensate for the extraction from commercial kitchens. These heater can be on/off, High/Low and modulating controls.

WBMGF - Waste oil heater WBMGF - Waste oil heater

Waste oil warm air heater


Air Water Heat Pump for outdoor installation

Domestic Wood Pellet Boilers Domestic Wood Pellet Boilers

Environmentally friendly heating for your home. Highly efficient and reliable domestic boiler using state of the art pellet burning technology.

Solar Water Heating Solar Water Heating

ATAG solar thermal technology actually creates energy. ATAG Solar Systems convert light into heat and, having captured the heat, thermal solar tgechnology deploys the energy in water heating. A typical home in the UK will require 2 to 3 panels, ideally fitted onto a south facing roof. ATAG Heating supply arange Solar boilers, Solar cylinders, flat plate solar panels and accessories.

BMM Heaters Limited design and manufacture industrial and commercial warm air heating systems.
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